Welcome to the "PureSol Technologies": bug tracker. You can search for already reported bugs and report new bugs if found. Additionally, feature and improvement requests can be added to get them implemented.

To file an issue or add a feature request, please go to the projects page at and select the project or sub project the bug or feature is related to. Proceed the with 'New Issue' and fill out the form.

For more information about the projects have a look to "PureSol Technologies' Open Source Contributions": The sources can be found (if published) at "GitHub":

Guidelines for Creating a Bug Issue

Please, follow the guidelines below when issuing a new bug:
* Please, fill out the mandatory fields in a short, but precise way.
* Be as specific as possible when it comes to describe the bug.
* Provide a step by step approach for the reproduction of the bug.
* Please, distinguish between facts and thoughts. Write in the description what are not exactly facts.

Guidelines for Filing a Feature Request

Please, follow the guideline below on how to file a feature request:
* First thing to mention: What goal is to be achieved with this new feature? Just a one liner at subject and the description, please.
* How is the goal achieved? What needs to be calculated and how? What needs to be searched, aggregated, ...
* What inputs are needed? Is there a specific format of the input?
* What is the preferred outcome? What are the results to be presented or returned? Is a special format required?
* What or how can the new feature be tested? What kind of test data, test cases or corner cases should be tested and what are the outcome to this?
* If there are UI elements for the feature (input dialogs, views, editors and so on), can you provide some suggestions as simple draft pictures how they could look like? What is needed as input, output and how should the layout be to be as ergonomic as possible?