• commons

    Collection of libraries containing basic functionality.

  • DuctileDB

    Ductile DB is a graph database based inspired by Neo4J, Cassandra and HBase which provides a vast set of features like BLOB store, graph and big table.

  • Famility

    Groupware solution for families and other small organizations.

  • Genesis

    Universal framework for migration.

  • Graphs

    A universal graph library for trees, state models and generic graphs.

  • JavaFX

    Extensions for JavaFX

  • license-maven-plugin

    The license-maven-plugin analyzes the license entries in all dependencies in a Maven project and checks for validity.

  • Parsers

    PureSol Technolgies' Parser Library

  • Purifinity

    Purifinity is the source code analysis and evaluation platform developed by PureSol Technologies.

  • Streaming

    A library for streaming ad iterating.

  • Versioning

    Library for handling versions as defined by "Semantic Versioning":

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